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About Us

SHINE clubs provide the highest standard of after school childcare services for parents and carers in the community and beyond.

SHINE clubs believes all children regardless of their personal circumstances or abilities should be able to participate in and enjoy our array of activities. It improves a child's confidence to get involved with the session, have the skills to participate and show a desire to improve and achieve.

Our enthusiastic staff will be able to meet the energetic needs of every child.


To secure a place at Shine Clubs you will need to fill out our booking forms that can be found at your school office. You can book for a one off session or for an entire half term.

We understand the difficulties of juggling a career and looking after school aged children. It is almost impossible to find reliable low cost child care. To employ a nanny costs a fortune and childminders are often unable to offer the flexibility needed for families with children of school age.

Shine Clubs works in conjunction with the needs of parents and carers. We provide a service that supports today's demanding lifestyle.

Contact Us

St. Mary's Shine Club Manager: Jean Tilsed - 07399239398

Shine Clubs Area Manager: Karen Ibrahim - 07500 752 166  / areamanager@shineclubs.com